Anti-whale taxation where larger transactions gets taxed up to 36%.
Get premium access to the features on our dApps for hodling LiquidWhale.

Taxation Strategy - Antiwhale Tech

LiquidWhale was created to prevent two of the main problems faced by every new tokens; pump and dumps, and price volatility of the token.
To punish the dumps from paper hands and whales; LiquidWhale was created with 12% tax fee. 3% of the tax would be rewarded to every holders and 9% of the fee is added to the liquidity.

But that's not the end. Different % of tax is applied to different amount of transaction.
Transcation of 0.1% = 12% tax, 0.5% = 18% tax, 0.75% = 24% tax, 1% = 36% tax.
Note: the % of transaction here refers to the % of the total supply.


Tokenomics Details:

  • Blockchain base: Matic
  • Token Provider: LiquidWhale
  • Token Capacity: 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens
  • Abbreviation: LiquidWhale
  • Symbol: LiquidWhale Symbol
  • Reserved 85% Quickswap 850,000,000,000,000 LiquidWhale
  • Reserved 10% Founders & Team 100,000,000,000,000 LiquidWhale
  • Reserved 5% Marketing & Giveaways 50,000,000,000,000 LiquidWhale

Token Use Case

What does LiquidWhale provide you beside anti-whale security?

Auto Yeild Farming

We reward our loyal token holder with 3% tokens distribution.

Liquidity Generator

9% liquidity is added with each transaction to stabilise and increase the price floor.


As per the community's decision. We're bringing dApps where the token will have it's usage.


Progress & Plans for the future of the token.

Fair Launch

Coingecko/Coinmarket Listing

Marketing & Giveaways

Chart & Tracker

Limit Order & Token Swap

Other dApps...

Details on the dApps planned according to the community suggestions

Chart & Tracker

Tradingview Chart and Token tracker will be build as our first priority.

Token Swap

Swap Matic for/with other tokens/coins.

Limit Orders

Place buy/sell orders according to the most suitable price for you.

Transaction Tracker

Track your buy/sell points on the chart.